Do you do video?

How you respond to this question from potential clients may have more impact on getting their listing than you might think.

I love info graphics. Instead of having to read large amounts of data in a MS Excel type table, graphics make it so much easier to get a grasp on the overall relationships and connections that are not always apparent in raw data. This highly informative little graphic comes our way from and it tells us a lot about how the real estate profesional is using social media. Click the thumbnail below to view full size in a new tab.

Earlier this week, we told you about YouTube and how easy it was to create an account, start your very own channel, fill it with content and start building an audience. According to the above graphic with data from, only 12% of real estate professionals are taking advantage of this great tool. That means that there is still a huge opportunity for anyone in the industry to differentiate themselves from the remaining 88% that are not using video. Consider further that a poll found that 73% of homeowners would be more likely to list their home with a real estate profesional that uses video as a way to market a home.

As we have said before, video is perhaps the most efficient way to grab and hold a potential homebuyer’s attention as they swim through a sea of mediocre online listings. With 73% of homeowners more willing to list their home, and the attention it generates from homebuyers, video is definitely a smart investment the majority of real estate professionals are not cashing in on.

The proof is in the numbers and our experience tells us that a professionally produced video home tour is a great way to make that investment. A clear, crisp high-definition video tour will make any property stand out and generate a lot of interest.

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  • Video Production Services
    February 9th, 2012

    Vdeo is indeed the most efficient way to grab and hold a potential homebuyer’s attention. It’s really eye catching and efficient in time.

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